Michigan License Plate Collectors’ Association

1912 Michigan license plate

Founded in 1969, MLPCA is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to the license plate collecting hobby. Our members research, collect, display, photograph, buy, sell, trade, and talk Michigan license plates.

MLPCA Newsletter

We meet twice each year for license plate swap meets. Our bimonthly newsletter includes articles on historical Michigan license plates, photos from our members’ collections, and exclusive buy-sell-trade opportunities not advertised to the general public.

Our Michigan license plate gallery is always growing, and is a fun way to start learning about Michigan license plates.

If you like what you see, why not join us?


MLPCA holds license plate swap meets every spring (April) and fall (September).

Watch this space for our next announcement, or contact club secretary Howard Cutler at secretary@mlpca.org.

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Souvenir Plates

The 2022 edition MLPCA souvenir plate depicts the Rock Harbor Lighthouse within majestic Isle Royale National Park.

The last-chance deadline to order is November 30, 2022. If you're attending the Spring 2023 meet, you can pick up your plates there.

Shipping is also available for those unable to attend the meet. Plates will be mailed in December 2022, as soon as they are received from the prison.

You can get exactly what you want: Your MLPCA or ALPCA number, initials, nickname, make of your car, a single letter... You name it, it’s yours, up to seven letters/numbers/hyphens/spaces. (The #1 plate will still only be available at the MLPCA auction.)

To Order

Plates cost $15 each, or $25 for a matched pair.

Please indicate the plate number(s) and quantities you would like, and whether you would like them mailed to you.

For any questions, please contact John Northup.

Delivery Options

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Membership dues are $20 per year, on a calendar year basis. New members joining after July 31 may join at half the annual rate.

Benefits of Membership

All members agree to the MLPCA By-Laws as a condition of membership.

Questions? Feel free to contact MLPCA Secretary Howard Cutler at secretary@mlpca.org.

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Annual dues are $20.

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